Note: Feb 19th 2014  Haylie's Birthday (29)
Happy Birthday Ms. Duff !!!
(pix on this website date back to when she was 14 years old)

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Every actor's or actress' career has to begin somewhere.  For this young actress it began in Houston,TX and then migrated to Toluca Hills, CA (Burbank area).  Surprisingly enough her first leading role in a movie took her back to Houston in 1999.  This site tells that story.



Dining with Mom (Susan)  Burbank, CA Note Page may load slowly
due to size of pictures


Filming on Location
 August 1999 Houston, TX



Shopping with Mom and
Houston friend, Carolyn,
Beverly Hills, CA


Haylie lived at this apartment complex in Toluca Hills, CA (Burbank Area) when she, her sister, & Mom first moved to L.A.
(They have since moved to a home)



Houston, TX: Between takes in the filming of the movie, "Dreams in the Attic", Haylie Duff  taught this old webmaster how to ride her sister's, "Zappy" electric scooter.  Two wheeled transportation got into his blood and now he has graduated to this cruiser ! (for more about the movie, click on the "Dreams Movie"  button at the top of this page)

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